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   Welcome to Tim Gill Fishing. Thank you for stopping and looking at my site. Ive been chasing


the dream of being a professional at the sport I love which is bass fishing for many years. My


20+ year career has taught me the ways of the fishing industry. Ive been sponsored by nationaly


known companys for many year where we had a solid relationship. Ive grown up on a strong


work ethic and Having the go get it additude from a young age. I pride myself in doing seminars


all over the country to steer kids away from drugs and gangs to fishing, a much cleaner safer


way of life. Fishing isnt just a weekends hobby for me this is a way of life for me and my family.


Ive traveled all over the United State for 20+ years working in the industry.

Had a great time teaching the children how to fish!

   March 23rd we went out of Moors Resort on beautiful Kentucky lake! Although the day of fishing


was very tough we managed to get a top 10! Not a bad way to start off the new points seaon for  


2013! My son and I spend a great  day on the water with eachother and caught a bunch of fish on


a jerkbait. By the end of the day you couldnt even tell what color my RC stic was! They


absolutely ate the paint off of it. Thanks for the support everyone!

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Tim Gill Fishing

9250 West State Rd 46


Gosport, In 47433

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